Malmø – Thanks for the input!

The 17th of August The Malmø Festival chose to cancel Global Stories’ participation with the workshop Through Different Eyes.
The festival recieved several emails from people in Malmø, who requested the festival to cancel our workshop, because they saw it as a so-called ”black-facing” project.

The festival had this year chosen to show only one kind of PR photo in the programme; a photo of a white man becoming black, transformed by our make up artist.
We see this as a fatal communictative mistake.
With our workshop we emphasise that you as participant can be transformed in more ways; from man to woman, woman to man, white to black and black to white.

Debat i Med Andre Øjnes container

Debating on the Malmø Festival

In cooperation with the festival we decided to arrange a debate at that time, where the workshop was supposed to begin. Around 30 people showed op in the rain – amongst them more representatives from those minorities who sent complaints to the festival. More of these people of another ethnic minority origin than Swedish felt insulted by the PR photo.

Here are the reasons why we actually are happy about how the situation developed:

– The Malmø Festival has invited us to collaborate on next year’s festival – on a big diversity event, where Through Different Eyes – and the experienced reactions and people involved will all be an important part.

– We take the situation as a big inspiration to develop the project’s photographic concept.

– We have decided that we from now on always wil try our best to involve minorities from the respective local communities we engage us with.

Therefore: thanks for the inputs, Malmø! We will return – and are looking forward to even more dialogue and collaboration with you!

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