Does Sweden practise censorship?

In connection to the Malmø Festival’s cancellation of  the workshop THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES we have as producers here at Global Stories experienced a lot of media publicity.

Project manager Morten Nielsen has been on live radio, made interviews for the bigger daily newspapers and participated in debates on television.

In tune with the quite massive publicity we have experienced to become a part of a particular narrative in the media. The cancellation of THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES figures as an example of evidence against ”The politically correct Sweden”.

The 8th of September 2014 the big daily newspaper, Politiken ran an article on Swedish shops’ retraction of a particular curtain with a Pippi Longstocking motif, which more people considered as racist. In the same article a parallel was drawn to the cancellation of THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES.

10th of September 2014 the newspaper Berlingske runs an article on the very same retraction. Subsequently the article gives examples of other initiatives, that have also felt effects of racist accusations. How the Danish candy company Haribo have removed a piece of candy in the shape of an African mask – and how THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES was taken off the programme in Malmø.

Here at Global Stories we do not want to be a part of this black/white narrative. According to our own experience with the festival, we think that it was a huge misunderstanding about the term ”black facing” that was at the root of the cancellation. Read more about our opinion on that here

We collaborate with both the Malmø Festival and representatives from those minorities who felt insulted by the festival’s communication regarding THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES.

We do not feel censored. On the contrary we see Sweden’s ability to involve, listen and respect minorities’ positions as an inspiration to our further work.

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Read the article from Politiken here and from Berlingske here

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