Event with Denmark’s biggest trade union



The 3rd of November we will run an event with employees from Denmark’s biggest trade union, 3F and the union’s members.

By the help of professional make-up artists and actors we will transform 4 – 6 of the employees and members. For a couple of hours they experience how a change in their appearance will make them see their everyday life through different eyes.
We already now know two of the people, who are going to be transformed: 3F’s vice chairman, Jane Korczak and staff representative, Graciela Alulong.

The event in November is considered as a pilot for eight bigger events in February 2015, all conducted as a kind of after-work meetings, primarily for the members of 3F.

3F’s collaboration with THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES is a way to bring the company’s diversity politics in focus. The hope with the event is, to a greater extent, to activate 3F’s members’ and different branches’ awareness of diversity, both socially and in their daily procedures.

Last year we collaborated with 3F by setting up a big event in connection with the annual political festival, Folkemødet. Several employees and members were transformed and the event finished with a big debate on diversity.

We really enjoyed working with 3F and are looking so much forward to doing it again!

Read more about 3F here

1Before/after photos of vice chairman Jane Korczak and below staff representative, Graciela Alulong. From the event the 3rd of November 2014.




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