Through Different Eyes at NIF in Odense

Through Different Eyes continued its work with the Danish trade union landscape on Saturday, the 19th of September in Odense. We were invited to be part of the 20th anniversary festivities and conference of the Netværk I Fagbevægelsen (NIF).

In synch with NIF’s work, the focus of the conference was on the fight for equality and an increased representation of ethnic minorities in the labour world. This was a valuable platform for Through Different Eyes.

Oncemore, the participants reached very interesting and powerful reflections. Let us representatively share one with you:

One of the participants was a Danish woman who is married to a Pakistani man. She decided to use the temporary make-over to turn into a Pakistani Muslim wife. This physical transformation triggered an interesting change: She decided to only talk Punjabi anymore, a language that she learned on her many visits to Pakistan with her husband. She insisted on speaking Punjabi, even after she was asked to change to Danish for people to be able to understand her. The consequence was that the Punjabi-speaking audience needed to translate her account.

Thank you, NIF, for making this possible.

Joakim Søren Viktoria Idrees

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